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Beautiful flowers, friendly services, and brilliant decorating ideas all at one place

When it comes to making a day beautiful, nothing fascinates us more than a flower. Flowers have always been a great symbol of love, respect, and positive vibes. People, irrespective of their age love them. We, at Mellowness flowers library, want to make every workplace more lively and energetic with our range of vibrant artificial flowers. The best thing about our service is that every week a different bunch of flowers and vase would be delivered to your home or workplace. Our service is dynamic and so is our flower range, we will change your flower vase weekly, without any reminders from your end.
We can’t take the work pressure from your office but we can definitely make the environment colorful and vibrant which can enhance the productivity in employees and smile on your customer’s faces. Whether it is a hospital, a hotel, restaurant, an educational institute, an architect firm, a real estate office or your sweet home etc., team Mellowness will make each and every place more lively than earlier.

Our Team

Jyoti Sawardekar

(Founder Developers and Visualiser)

Our Marketing Team

Seema Tripathi

Akshay Sinare


Our Purpose

To enhance the beauty of a workplace or a house with loads of positivity with our precious & handcrafted bundle of flowers and unique flower vases.

Why should you choose Mellowness?

First of a kind dynamic system of artificial flowers library services

Expert’s hands-on creating your bundle of happiness

Delivery all over Pune

On-time, Hassle-free delivery of Flowers and Vases

Freshly picked flower arrangements for special occasions included in the yearly package

Prompt, Efficient and Dedicated Support

We also support you for with original &/or artificial flower arrangement on demand as per your requirement.

Team Mellowness is all set to serve you with our wonderful range of flowers and vases.

We are a team of dynamic professionals from different industries, partnered at Mellowness with the sole purpose of making workplaces and homes happier with our range of colorful flowers. Each one of us is equally excited to serve you the best services.


Our Vision

To serve 100000 homes and workplaces of Pune with our unique range of flowers by 2021.