Artificial Flowers

Flower arrangements are like poetry which needs just the right mix of words, melody and rhythms. More words and less of rhythms turn a poem into a prose while too much of melody changes it into a song. Similarly, flower arrangements need to be just right with flowers, ferns and leaves to be fetching and attractive and provide that decided ambiance to your room.

Flowers are nature’s best creation. They are beautiful in their natural form and attract insects, animals and humans alike. However, in the city life, we tend to lose touch with them. We find more concrete jungles around us than any green places. This lack of green tends to breed in depression and boredom and makes us feel low in energy and motivation. However, brand Mellowness has the ideal solution for everyone. We would provide you not just with green but a basket full of rainbow colors and some more colors in between.

Mellowness is the creator of beautiful flower arrangements that are soothing to the senses and appealing to the eyes. We deliver both fresh flowers and artificial blossoms with unique vases to brighten up your life. We understand that in this corporate age it is difficult to care for real flowers and changing them on a daily basis becomes both time consuming and expensive. Hence, we make special environment-friendly artificial floras that look just like real. You could easily keep an arrangement in your home and offices and spice up the look. We are flower experts that make fetching flower arrangements that are just like blooming poetry. These bunches of artificial florets are neither too sweet nor the tiniest bit dull but, add a mellowed beauty to your life that is colorful, cheerful and infused with energy.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are our passion and we want to fill up all the places with enthralling arrangements. We want you to enjoy different colors of nature in close proximity so that instead of bemoaning the lack of greenery you would actually want to know which color or variety a special bloom is. The best thing about us- we have complementary and attractive vases to match so that the whole package looks utterly bewitching. We offer door step services for maximum conveniences to our customers and can deliver fresh or artificial blossoms to any home, hotel, store, MNCs, hospital, office or boutique in and around Pune. We deliver unique arrangements with vases every single week of the year to enhance your personal and professional workspace and keep you enthused the whole year round. These arrangements act as head turners and conversation starters and would reach out to the most apathetic individual. In a home environment, it would add beauty and grace while in a corporate setting it would motivate all the workers and fill them up with energy.

We at Mellowness believe that flowers understand no boundaries. Hence, we are liberal in our use of national and international flowers. Thus, you could look forward to being greeted by exotic blossoms from across the world that would complement your work and private spaces and trigger your memories of far off places. The vibrant artificial and real flowers come in different packages and are also delivered on demand. So, get the best package for your needs and be surrounded by colors.

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