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Green is the keyword of 2018 and city dwellers are indulging in lots of green to counteract their augmented urban lifestyle. The desire to connect back with nature is spilling on to the living room decorations and visible in wallpaper prints, upholsteries, and different home accessories. People are choosing nature-based wallpaper prints to provide a wider canvas to their love of nature. Fabric patterns are coming in different nature-based designs. Small home accessories like tableware and ceramics are also modeled around nature to make people feel connected to their roots. Tiny stone waterfalls and large windows give the impression of outdoor living. Green upholstery is becoming the fad of the day and different shades of emerald, pine and forest green in the backdrop of trendy, dark furniture look eye-catching and mesmerizing. The stone flooring and botanical prints complete the look of a nature-loving house. All you need is a vibrant flower centerpiece to make your living room come alive with beauty and aesthetes

Artificial flower centerpieces enhance the interior of any home. However, when placed in combination with exotic birds, safari wildlife, oversized insects, and large–scale leaf prints, they shout out loud and clear that you are a nature lover and find happiness only in the midst of flora and fauna. Even people with conservative choices in fashion department could add warmth and liveliness to their space with artificial flower arrangement in vases.

The existing trend in interior designing sees a preference for country style plants like pepper tree, Cocculus, and eucalyptus. When these trees are used along with flowers they bring a natural, rural touch to the interior.

The flower bouquet is a must to any nature-based interior. Flower centerpieces add charm and dimension to the room. Flowers in a vase define intricacy and softness with their perfectness and splendor. The current trend in flower colors ranges from pale pink to terracotta. Different shades of coral colors also enhance the look of any interior.

Flower bouquets are used in different manners in different homes. Flower centerpieces are the most popular choices and could be seen on the center table, showcase, arranged with trees, on the bedside table, beside the sofa, on or in front of the mirror, beside the basin and on the wall. People also use flower bouquets to add color to their dining table and to bring freshness and charm to their washrooms. In fact, special cabinets are being built just to display live plants and artificial flowers in the vase. The live plants add permanency to the room while artificial flowers centerpieces are replaced every week thereby providing a forever new and interesting appearance to the room.

Brand Mellowness fulfills your need of interior decoration by supplying fresh and artificial flowers with vases. We provide unique arrangements of flowers on a weekly basis right at your doorstep. These arrangements are made after a lot of research and keeping in mind the current trend and requirement of the market. The end result is a beautiful home that you would like to show off to everyone.

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